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At Express Repiping, we are committed to making things easier for our clients. Our quick and efficient repiping experts are trained to complete every job in a matter of one or two days so that you can go on with your routine activities without any disruption.  Forget the hassle of water blockades and lifestyle disruption as we offer flexible service schedules. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and we will send a certified team of piping experts at your doorstep. 

Expert final finishing

Unlike the mainstream plumbers and contractors who leaver a pile of the mess after the job is done, our team is focused on catering to every aspect of project details from the start till the end. When the job is done, our team patches up the walls and cleans majority of a mess so that your home’s outlook can be restored for better. 

Top-quality materials

At Express Repiping, quality is our forte. As one of the leading repiping service providers in Seattle, we pay much attention to the quality of materials we use in our services. Whether it is PEX plastic pipe or copper pipes, we make sure that materials conform to the stringent American repiping safety standards. As a result of our top-quality material selection, we have served dozens of clients all over Seattle and received satisfactory feedback. 

Affordable pricing

Instead of ripping you off your money, Express Repiping takes your budget into consideration before starting a project. From getting a free quote to offering the best pricing for materials and services, we are delivering the most cost-effective repiping solutions in Seattle. Contact us to get the most affordable and reliable repiping services in Seattle. 

Customized repiping packages

At Express Repiping, we recognize the importance of taking introducing innovation in everything we do. We understand that every place is different and requires a different set of insight and skills to manage its problems. We offer personalized repiping solutions for every client so that you can enjoy the most suitable services depending upon your specific needs. 

100% lifetime guarantee!

Express Repiping is committed to client satisfaction for a lifetime. We are dedicated to our services an offer lifetime service guarantee. We perform every job with a goal to relieve you of all your troubles. Once we have completed your project, any aberration in the services will be fixed free of cost by us. 

– Copper repipe

Copper repiping is one of the most frequently done services in American homes. Apart from their durability, Copper pipes are suitable fixes for frequent leaks. At Express Repiping, we use brass, copper or bronze fittings for connecting copper pipes. Unlike plastic joints, our metal and alloy joints stand the test of time without sagging. Our experts use Type L hard copper pipes which have a greater thickness and are recommended by experts forseveral reasons. Here is what you will get by opting Express Repiping’s copper repipe services:

  • Eco-friendly material
  • Greater resistance to corrosion
  • Long term reliability
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Lesser joints and supports are needed
  • Put a stop to bacterial growth
  • Resistance to weather damages
  • Combustion resistant

– Pex repipe

PEX repipes have long been around in the repiping industry considering their versatile nature. These highly-durable, versatile, and strong pipes were initially designed to replace the rising costs of copper pipes. Now, PEX repipes are counted among the modern repiping solutions due to their lower costs and ease of installation. For indoor repiping jobs, PEX pipes work amazingly well. You will be surprised to see how these pipes can solve a myriad of leakage and related issues. Because of their flexible tubing nature, the PEX pipes can withstand wear and tear caused by weather and temperature fluctuations. At Express Repiping, we choose the superior quality PEX pipes so that you can get the best benefits out of your investment in repiping services. Here is what we offer:

  • Corrosion-resistant PEX pipes
  • Contamination free piping
  • Scale and pitting resistance
  • Reduces the water noises from the piping system
  • Great heat retention for hot water lines
  • Gets rid of singing and water hammer pipes
  • Resistant to condensation

PEX pipes are sensitive to UV and high heat exposure. Our experts are trained to choose suitable locations to install PEX repiping. If your location does not suit the opted solution, we offer expert recommendations to pick an alternative solution. We use NSF certified PEX pipes for maintaining water purity. 

Frequent leaks:

Every home owner or commercial property can relate to the issue of frequent pipe leaks if the place is older than five years. Because of the hustle and bustle of new construction projects, piping architects often fail to supervise the quality of pipes being installed in a place. Minor negligence during the period of piping installation can lead to devastating damages. Leaky pipes can not only cause severe damages to your property but also disrupt your routine and put your safety at stake. If you are observing frequent leaks in your properties piping system, there are high chances of piping damage in older and defective pipes. Instead of making the mistake of overlooking this issue, take this problem seriously and hire Express Repiping today. In most cases, cheap quality Polybutylene pipes are the culprit behind frequent leakage. Express Repiping replaces such pipes with better ones. 

– Low water pressure 

Whether you are a home resident or staying at a hotel, low water pressure can cause great trouble. From ruining your relaxing showers to making simple chores difficult, low water pressure can easily throw your life out of balance in many ways. Instead of risking your sanity, it is best to analyze the issue and call Express Repiping experts. In most cases, issues with the pipeline key causes of low water pressure in homes and commercial buildings. Pipe corrosion, blockage, and leakage are the main reasons behind low water pressure. Express Repiping offers you the best solutions for low water pressure. We will fix your problem in a matter of days so that you can continue to live peacefully. 

– Rusty or discolored water 

Did you know rusty or discolored water is a serious health hazard? Apart from interrupting your lifestyle, rusty and discolored water can work as a carrier of numerous fatal diseases from your faucets into your body. Since water is an essential element for life, it is best not to overlook rusting and discoloration of water running down from your showers or faucets. If you ever notice dirt, gunk or reddish coloration in the water running down from your pipelines, take it seriously and immediately call Express Repiping. Protect your family’s health by identifying the cause of this problem. We will not only analyze the cause of this issue but also remove all the potential causes of discoloration or rusting in water. Count on us to bring you the best repiping services all over Seattle. 

– Neighboring properties 

A leaky piping system in your neighbors is equally annoying as any other pipe link. Not only do leaky neighboring pipes cause a mess in your locality, but they also pose safety hazards for any community’s residents. Whether there is an abandoned property near you which requires a quick pipeline fix or a full-fledged repiping, call Express Repiping for expert services. Our goal is to solve all piping related issues all over Seattle, and we will do our best to fix pipe issues in your area. Give us a call, and we will reach your location as soon as possible. 

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