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Why Express Repiping?

  • We work quickly and efficiently. Most homes can be repiped within one day which means no lost showers or major disruption to your life

  • We patch all the walls after the job is completed and make your home look like nothing ever happened. Plumbers and contractors will often only repipe leaving a mess for you to deal with.

  • We only use the highest quality materials. PEX pipe is a versatile, affordable, high density plastic pipe that is guaranteed for life. If copper pipe is needed or desired, we only use American made copper pipe because it meets the most stringent quality standards. 

  • We guarantee our work for life. Once your job is done, if you ever have a problem, we will fix it for free.

Is Repiping Necessary?

Repiping an entire house is an enormous undertaking, and it is probably not a service that most homeowners eagerly anticipate. In some instances, though, a full piping replacement is the best option. If you have a very old plumbing system and your pipes are largely corroded, or if a shoddy installation is leading to pervasive leaks throughout your home, let us know so that we can come evaluate the situation. If we find that repiping is indeed in your best interest, you can trust us to ensure that the work is done in a timely fashion, and that your new piping system is built to last.

Why do I care about the type of pipes which are in your walls?

Repiping is vital to maintaining the integrity of any property, may it be residential or commercial. The main reasons why property owners neglect this aspect of home maintenance include:

  • Repiping and plumbing is challenging
  • Full replacement of the piping system is costly
  • There are limited qualified repiping and plumbing service providers in the market
  • Most of the services result in frequent leaking
  • There are no manual detectors to identify faults

In situations like these, you need to take special care of the piping system in your property. Repiping and plumbing are necessary because :

  • It is a Pivotal part of home maintenance
  • It preserves your investment in your home
  • It protects your family from health damages
  • It ensures a smooth lifestyle
  • It maintains the strength of your home

Does that sound too overwhelming to you? Don’t worry! Express Repiping is here to save the day for you. Our service will ensure:

  • No more Leaks
  • Restoration of excellent water pressure
  • Purified and clean water
  • High-quality materials
  • Expert repiping and plumbing services
  • Minimal disruption in lifestyle
  • Value addition to your property
  • Hassle-free project completion
  • Complete site analysis
  • Responsive team
  • Free quotes

Repair and Maintain Piping Systems

Because pipes are not complex mechanical devices with moving parts, you may be under the false impression that they don’t require any maintenance. In fact, though, some maintenance can go a long way in ensuring that your system operates without issue. You may be able to avoid issues requiring drain repair, for instance, by scheduling professional drain cleaning services, or even sewer cleaning. If and when you develop leaks or other issues with your piping system, you can rely on us to diagnose the problem and complete any necessary piping repairs with the skill and expertise that defines our service. Contact us today!

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